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Started studying setar with masters Djalal Zolfonoun, Mohammad Reza Lotfi and the one who is considered as the greatest, Ostad Ebadi. He studied for 10 years, gathering the secrets of their instrtmental technique and the various versions of the radif. Before leaving Iran, he worked regulariy with singer Shahram Nazeri, which allowed him to improve his knowledge of vocal radif. Since he arrived in Paris in 1986, he's devoted himself to teaching and perfoming with his group or solo.

Reza Ghassemi is the musical director of Moshtaq group, that he founded in 1988 in Paris, and the composer of all the original pieces of their repertoire. He also spent much time studying tazieh, Iranian religious theater music, which is a source of inspiration for his own artistic creation. He is also a playwright and director, and the composer of many stage scores. Through his extensive research on ancient forms as well as his teaching to numerous students, Reza Ghassemi is an important contributor to the protection of authentic Persian art music.

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