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Yousof Foroutan :

Avaz e Esfahan, Pishdaramad (extract from Ostad Yousof Foroutan, Mahour edit.)


Abolhassan Saba :

Track1 (Nava, Chahar-Mezrab, 1956)

Track2 (Nava, Zarbi, 1956)


Ahmad Ebadi :

Dastgah e Mahour, Chahar Mezrab (extract from The Improvisations of Ostad Ebadi, Mahour edit.)

Track1(Afshari, unpublished)

Track2(Afshari, unpublished)


Reza Ghassemi :

Dashti (from this album!).


Hossein Alizadeh :



Mahammad Reza Lotfi :

Mahour (from Mystery of Love, Kereshmeh edit.)


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